About Loets

Loets was founded in 2018 by Laura van Rossum. On the one hand to fulfill a dream to start for myself, on the other hand because I always had something to say about sportswear that I was going to purchase. Think of the fit, material and / or prices.

Because of this I started researching to see what the possibilities are. I went through the entire process, from finding the right suppliers, designing clothing, selecting materials and finally took the plunge to set up my own sports brand. I started with a few leggings and have expanded the range over time. Which in my opinion can only get bigger!

Which is especially important to Loets?

  • Your curves big or small are perfectly accentuated;
  • All leggings are Squatproof so that you can do your exercises carefree;
  • That the leggings stay in place during your workout. Whether it is strength training, crossfit, dancing, yoga or any sport. That is why the leggings have a high waist so that they offer extra strength and will not slide down;
  • The costs remain as low as possible. What does that mean social media,photography and website is in your own hands;
  • We help each other to be our best version of ourselves;

Loets appreciates it if you think along with the range. If something new is on the schedule, social media channels will ask for your opinion on a new item and this will or will not be implemented. In this way we ensure that it belongs to all of us.